HCC Sermon Archive

Below you will find archive audio of sermons at Herscher Christian Church.  Click on any of the series links to get all of the messages in that series.  



As we study the book of James, join us to see how we are instructed to be a unified community of believers.  We cannot be a strong church body that lives for Christ if we are not united!  There is no community without unity!


graduation sunday

On this special Sunday we celebrated our graduates and were asked the question..."Are you ready to step out of the boat?"  Check out this message from our Youth Pastor, Andy King.

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New creation

What are the attributes of someone that is a new creation in Christ?  How do we see examples of this being lived out in scripture and how are these folks being renewed daily?  Join us as we look at 7 radical examples of God's life change!

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Join us as we explore the last words spoken by those around Jesus as he heads to Calvary.  What did they say?  How did the words show what we need to be ready to give to Jesus today.  We will look at the Disciples, Judas, Pilate, and the last words of Jesus before the crucifixtion.



In His word, God uses FLAWED people constantly to do AWESOME things.  As we dive into this series, we will look at 4 distinct people that God uses despite their flaws for great things.  The Coward.  The Liar.  The Adulterer.  The Murderer.

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Keep the change

All of us have hangups, habits, and hurts that we know we need to change and deal with in our lives but so often we neglect the necessary steps to keep that change.  Join us as we explore not only how to get there, but how to KEEP THE CHANGE


Unwrapping his presence

As we enter the season of Advent and Christmas, what does it look like when we unwrap the "presence" of God instead of just looking at the "presents".  How do we see the hope, peace, joy, and love of God represented in this season?

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What does it look like for us to be "ALL IN" with our faith?  What foundational things should be evident in our walk, the way we deal with trials, and our response to being living ambassadors for Jesus at all times?  Are you ALL IN or not?



When we are moving to reconnect it means we have been disconnected from where we need to be.  This series focuses on the home.  What disconnects happen in our marriage, what common habits lead to disconnect, and how do we see disconnect addressed in scripture for our families?


The Great Commission

What exactly are we called to in the Great Commission and how does it affect the walk that we should be living through our faith in Jesus.  What does being a missional church mean and how do we live that calling in the most effective manner?


Hearts Renewed

What does it meant to have a heart that is "renewed"?  In this series we take a four week look at those that have faced the choice of accepting God's challenge or not, understanding issues that would keep us from renewal, and so much more.


Attitude Adjustment

What is joy?  Is it an emotion that is easily manipulated or is it something more?  What does scripture say about the attitude adjustment that we need to have if we are fully devoted to being "joy-filled"?  Are we filling others with true joy or taking it from them?


MAde for More

You are made for more!  Are you living out the full purpose for how God designed you?  Whether you go back to the roots of the church or examine the scriptural challenges that are placed before us, you'll see that we have been called to a higher purpose, a higher design, and to be set apart from the world.