Mission to Share Gods Love Everywhere

 (Formerly Lincoln Christian College and Seminary)

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Lincoln Christian College and Seminary


Lincoln Christian University


 September 2009

65 years ago it's motto was

"Here Come the Preachers!"

It's mission was to train up preaching ministers
and missionaries, and since it opened it's doors
thousands have responded, serving and sharing
God's Word and His Love around the world.

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 Here Come the Preachers


Timothy was a youthful disciple of Christ who learned and served with the apostles in preaching and teaching the Gospel of Christ to the new churches being planted in the world.   As Timothy was sent out from his family and home church as a student, so also our churches seek willing students and offer them support and encouragement as they learn and develop to serve the Lord.

Herscher Christian Church supports 'Timothy' Nathan Pelehowski beginning his first year at Lincoln Christian University Fall Semester, 2009. 

If you have questions on how you may help Nate, please ask Tyson Graber or Ryan Baker.