News Update 06/2008

Dear Prayer Supporters, 

Two weeks ago, I asked for prayer for our upcoming training for our summer internship program and our annual missions conference, Pioneer Missions Institute.  Immediately after hitting the “send” button I noticed that my legs and back were starting to ache in unison with my splitting headache.  The next thing I knew, I was down with malaria.  Apparently, I picked it up while I was in Africa and that it was hiding in my liver. 

 As many of you know, malaria comes out when you are stressed and fatigued –which would explain why it came out right before our training started J.  I’m not going to lie, those 48 hours were not all that fun but God did use it to MAKE me take rest.  Lindsay said that at one point I wasn’t responding to her questions and just starred at her with a glazed look.  The good news is that God was faithful and He allowed me to have just enough energy that I needed to help Lindsay with the training.  God is good –even in illness! 

 In addition, 4 of the 9 interns who went through this training have already asked to go ahead and become recruits with Pioneer Bible Translators.  How incredible is that!  These students haven’t even landed on a foreign soil yet but they want to go ahead and commit their lives to the Lord in service to the unreached peoples.  Would you just stop and praise God for this news?  God is using this ministry to bless the nations. 

 While the addition of these 4 new teammates is wonderful news, what happened at Pioneer Missions Institute was even better.  As I mentioned in last month’s newsletter, we had 55 individuals come down to Dallas to see if this work is for them.  It is my first day back in the office, I already have 6 more requests for applications.  God is answering our prayer of sending us the right 200 missionaries by the year 2012!   One of the students who came down here told me yesterday, “You know, I have heard you say many times that you were praying for God to send PBT 200 missionaries but I just realized that I am one of those people you are praying for!”


-In addition to all the great news in recruitment, Lindsay and I heard story after story of how God is using our translation teams to get the Word of God into people’s hearts.  Each day one of our branches around the world would get up and do a presentation of their work.  Time after time, Lindsay and I would sit there with tears in our eyes thanking God for letting us be a part of this work.

-We have an incredible prayer team.  Lindsay and I are humbled to have you on our team.

 Prayer Requests:

-please pray for our interns.  Half of them have landed in Papua New Guinea today and the other interns leave for West Africa tomorrow. 

-pray for all the students who are thinking about joining this work.  The Enemy has traditionally attacked our students with doubts and questions about God’s faithfulness. Pray for deliverance and that God will continue to speak to them through His body and His Word. 

 Specific Needs:

-someone to help out for 2-3 weeks in Africa doing dry wall.

 Addy and Jayden: