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Herscher is about 10 mi W. of Kankakee and 12 mi E. of Dwight, IL on  IL Rt 17,  and 4 miles south  on (Kankakee) County Road 12 at the intersection of C.R. 12 (also called Park Rd or Herscher-LaHogue Rd) and IL Rt 115.

We are located at 30 Tobey Drive, just east of Park Road (C.R.12), beside the State Bank of Herscher and West of the new water tower.

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The Lighthouse

         Why the Lighthouse? 

 Why is there a lighthouse in front of the property... why is there one in the heading of these webpages?  Herscher is no where near a body of water needing a Lighthouse, the only seas we have around here is a sea of corn... also seen in heading graphics.

A few years ago, one of the sermons preached by Bob Monts urged us not to be a landmark... a place of reference to show others where they are, but a Lighthouse..., a beacon to show them the Way, to guide and protect them from hidden dangers.  The congregation adopted that idea to compliment their Mission:  "To Seek and share the Love of God with all people; everywhere."  So you will see the lighthouse symbol often around the church to help remind us of the need to Seek, Share, and Show others that the Way to Salvation is through Christ Jesus.

"Landmarks belong to History... Lighthouses belong to the Living." - Bob Monts Sermon 11/26/2006

Our Facility

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Herscher Christian Church
30 Tobey Drive,
Herscher, IL 60941

Ph:  815-426-2908

Serving Western Kankakee County
Come and Join us as we Worship and Praise our God,
and learn more about His unending Love!