Graber Transition - Sunday, May 7, 2017



  Truth about the Graber’s Transition in Ministry

Why are we sharing this information?

We are called to honor God and His bride (the local Church in Herscher), by thoughtfully and prayerfully handling the transition of ministry for the Grabers and the church family. Let us all seek God’s guidance in this entire process and promote the unity of the church.   

What are the Graber’s future plans?

The Graber family has been blessed to grow alongside the church family in Herscher over the past 15 years. Their love for the church and the community has developed in amazing ways during this time. While always being committed to God’s calling at Herscher, God has allowed Tyson and Tiffani to serve the church and the community in many different ways. Over the years, their roles have expanded from a focus on youth ministry as a couple, to their current roles on staff with Tyson as lead minister and Tiffani as part-time children’s minister.

After much prayer and pursuit of God’s will, the Grabers have been led to their next ministry in Greenville, IL at Greenville First Christian Church. Tyson will serve as the lead minister at GFCC. Tiffani has various ministry opportunities before her both in and outside the church but will be focusing primarily on the life of the Graber family for the first few months.

Did something negative cause the move?

No. The Grabers were led to Greenville, they did not seek a new church because of any relational conflicts or moral misconduct at Herscher. Tyson and Tiffani have expressed their thankfulness to the Elders for the gentleness and generosity they have been shown over the last 15 years and this transition.  Both their family and the church have been greatly blessed by God.

Will this change Herscher Christian Church?

Yes and No. A change in the lead minister will naturally bring change in the future. While ministers and ministries may change, our mission to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission does not change until He returns. We are called by Christ to “go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” With our elders remaining in place during this time, our church mission statement will also stay the same “Share God’s Love with All People Everywhere.” During times such as these remember, ministers and ministries will go through changes but our mission to reach the lost and love all of God’s people will continue.  

Who will be the next lead minister?

The Elders have been praying about this transition and there is a growing plan in place to pursue the next lead minister of Herscher Christian Church. Please pray with them for God to lead the next man to this important role. During this transition period, Jacob Garrett has agreed to assume the role of interim minister. The entire church family is called to serve alongside the staff and elders to continue to develop and grow the entire church family at HCC.

Who will be the next children’s minister?

The Elders understand the high value and urgency to not miss a beat in our Children’s Ministry at HCC. They have recently committed to seek a person to serve and lead our Children’s Ministry in a full-time capacity. Please be praying with them as they seek this important role.

When will these transitions take place?

The Grabers will continue to serve at HCC through the month of June. Their last Sunday will be June 25.  They will then travel to Mexico to serve and teach a college class with the Antonio Gomez and Monterey Christian Mission in Monterey, Mexico for three weeks in July. Tyson’s first weekend preaching in Greenville will be the first weekend in August.  

What can I do to help?

PRAY! Please pray for continued blessings to fall on our church family in Herscher and the Graber family as they begin a new adventure in ministry in Greenville.  Pray that we all would continue to trust God to lead and provide.  

Who can I contact with questions?

After a time of reflection and prayer please feel free to contact an Elder, Tyson, Tiffani or any of the staff.